Vape is Eco-Friendly

The traditional cigarette has a big impact to damage the environment and how it is dangerous to a person’s health. Probably people are now aware of the good traits the vape in human’s health. Now, this article will talk about another positive effect the vape gives to the environment.


Initially, the user of traditional cigarette liter the earth with trillions of butts each year and much worst it is not biodegradable. Specifically, cigarette butts are comprising of cellulose acetate that is a thermoplastic polymer. With this, vape is eco-friendly. If the user vape an e juice, they are smoking up to 95% less harmful than the traditional cigarette, they are also helping the environment. The vapor cigarette is disposable and equal to about a pack and a half of the conventional smoke.

Vape Batteries are Recyclable

Most of Vape or e-cigarette batteries are recyclable. Many local hardware or electronics stores have battery recycling stations that can toss the old vape batteries in. In this way, it helps the planet earth. Even the vapor cartridge is also recyclable. Remove all the filter material and place it accordingly. Wash any remaining e-juice out of the cartridge then cap it and toss it in the recycle bin.

It is not smoke it is vapor

Henceforth, it determine that e-cigarette vapor evaporate quickly that conventional cigarette that also gives help to planet earth, to the surrounding and to human. A recent research concluded that exhale e-cigarette particles are liquid droplets that evaporate speedily upon exhalation.

No Second-Hand smoke

Importantly, traditional cigarette pollutes the air and affects everything from asthma to smog while with vape there is no awful scent. Not to mention, the vapor contains nothing like the concentrations of carcinogens and toxins in the conventional cigarette. When the liquid nicotine vaporize the by-product are water, nicotine gas, and propylene glycol. Water and Nicotine gasses appear naturally and propylene glycol is an organic compound.

Containers are recyclable

Moreover, this is important for a reason, containing the production of vape over the traditional cigarette. Every year 1.5 million trees are cut down to produce cigarettes. This is a disturbing volume that is better be serve cleaning the air and to keep the forests intact. The trees are cut down and wasted for there is no recyclable elements in the conventional cigarette. Instead, the container of vape pens and e-juice and packaging are all recyclable. All in all, this creates less waste, trash, landfills and no littering on the beaches, parks, and waterways.

No Support for Tobacco

Additionally, tobacco commercially produce for the cigarette. It develops under extreme unhealthy conditions. It uses a fertilizer for the production of tobacco. These chemicals get into the cigarette the person smoking in addition to the already existing toxic. On the other hand, vaping is delightful and also fun with various flavors of nicotine free e-liquids available in the market to choose from.

Essentially, vaping is eco-friendly, especially when the people carefully choose the types of vape juice they use. Vaping is the best alternative in the environmental sense of smoking.

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