Brilliant Hacks To Enhance Vape Juice Flavors

Vaping isn’t just about the amount of clouds you can puff. Many vapers aim for richer and fuller flavors to enjoy and make the most out of their bestselling e-liquid. So aside from cloud-chasing, flavor-chasing is also a big thing. Unleashing the full potential of your e-juice will be an excellent pair to your cloud-chasing hobby.

If you’re transitioning from cigarettes to e-cigs, the ability to enhance the flavor of the juice will motivate you to ditch your previous vice.

Here are some of the brilliant tricks to get that flavor exploding on your mouth and throat:

Set the right temperature and wattage

The amount of heat as determined by the wattage will directly impact the flavor of the juice. Some flavors taste best on 30W while others have to be toned down at 20W. It’s best to start with the lowest temp and make increments until you catch the right flavor richness. Veteran flavor chasers prefer using variable wattage over simple devices.

Proper handling of the e-liquid

Improper storage of the e-juice will compromise the consistency of its flavor. Remember that e-liquids are like wine, if exposed in too much air, the flavor will be oxidized. Always store your juice on dry and cool places. Ensure that the container is sealed well to prevent the degradation of the taste.

Use different vape juice flavors

Don’t fall victim to the so-called “vaper’s tongue”. This happens when your taste buds experience fatigue over the same flavor you repeatedly use. A worn-out tongue won’t allow you to enjoy the full flavor of your vape regardless if you utilize the other hacks here.

The trick here is to alternate between flavors and drink lots of water to wash away the flavor residue on your tongue. If you’re starting to lose taste, suck a slice of lemon to reset your palate. Having a few whiffs of coffee bean will work too.

Invest in a quality atomizer

The best atomizer for flavor-chasers is a bottom coil one so there would be less pressure on the wick to get the vapor out of the e-cig. Also, get a small bore coil so there would be less vapor that will dilute the flavor. Rebuildable atomizers are also excellent but you need to have some customizing skills to do this. Try various coils and atomizer combination to see what works best for your vaping. The cheapest premium e-cigarette can also work given a decent atomizer.

Consider potent PG juice

Potent PG premium e-juice USA is the ideal choice for those who are keen to taste fuller flavors. PG e-liquids produce less vapor which means that the flavor is concentrated. Take note that PG juices will have a strong throat hit too but you’ll get used to it at some point. Explore combinations of PG and VG blends to get your type.

The bestselling e-liquid with high flavor consistency will give an excellent flavor explosion. Feel free to experiment the flavors to get the best buy vape juice. You can also ask a fellow flavor-chaser for advice on how you can release the zest on your cig.

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