E-cigarette and Advantages: Can It Cause Fire?

The e-cigarette is a battery operate nicotine inhaler device that is the same in size and shape to the traditional cigarette. There is a good deodes the e-cigarette on his packet that causes him injury. The exact causes of e-cigarette explosions are unclear but evidence indicates that battery-related issues that will lead to an explosion. Incidents of fire e-cigarette are getting common that gives the consumers an advice to use a device thaal of news about the incidents of e-cigarette explosion unnoticed. Recently, a man explt has a safety features such as firing lock.

Mostly, the causes of fire-e-cigarette are malfunctions of the batteries due to overcharge or when computers and DVD players use as charging source. Also, if it gets near to other metals such as coins and keys in the pocket. In one incident the charging battery pack appeared to be faulty, causing a fire in a care home.

Advantage of e-cigarette

But despite negative news, there are still a lot of users of e-cigarette because of its advantages compare to a traditional cigarette. Firstly, the e-cigarette is almost less lethal than the traditional cigarette. In fact, a smoking cigarette is a primarily dangerous addiction and it is the only consumer product that kills when used as directed. Here are a few of e-cigarette advantage.

It helps break Addiction

Effectively, it proves that addiction to Nicotine is deadly which in other country uses of nicotine is considered a crime. The symptoms of Nicotine withdrawal are frequently strong and it can cause people to relapse most frequently, but with e-cigarettes, the symptoms can soften.

Have More Freedom

It publicly uses anywhere. This includes restaurants, offices, hotels, and public places unlike the traditional cigarette it has a specific place to use.

E-cigarettes are more discreet

Notably, consumers of traditional cigarette which leaves an offensive aroma on a person’s shirt and hair unlike e-cigarette do not leave any lingering aroma after vaping.

Give a Less Lethal Pleasure

Mostly, traditional cigarette gives pleasure to the smoker that pleasure proven in lethal. While, e-cigarette gives a different pleasure because it comes from a different variety in flavor like cherry, vanilla, strawberry, and many more. The flavor helps the vaper to have less intense and safer feeling of pleasure while vaping.

Greater choices without Costing Much

The cost of smoking of regular cigarette in a month is about double the cost of e-cigarette smoking. For example, as a starter of e-cigarette starter kit could only cost as much as $20 or $40 depends on the style. Comparatively, to the traditional cigarette which cost as much as $5 to $7 per pack daily.

Environmentally Friendly

Usually, fire outbreaks are often caused by cigarettes. With the e-cigarette, the threat eliminates because it doesn’t produce smoke or it uses fire. E-cigs use batteries so it reduces the level of loss and pollution.

Safety In using E-cigarette

Use charger supplied with e-cigarette kit.

Do not miss and match components between kits.

Screw the battery in gently after plugging in the charger.

Clean the battery’s center pin and charge contact at least once a week.

In conclusion, it is still advisable to use an e-cigarette than a traditional cigarette. It helps both the vaper and the environment with strict caring.


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