Vape is Eco-Friendly

The traditional cigarette has a big impact to damage the environment and how it is dangerous to a person’s health. Probably people are now aware of the good traits the vape in human’s health. Now, this article will talk about another positive effect the vape gives to the environment. Butts Initially, the user of traditional […]

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E-cigarette and Advantages: Can It Cause Fire?

The e-cigarette is a battery operate nicotine inhaler device that is the same in size and shape to the traditional cigarette. There is a good deodes the e-cigarette on his packet that causes him injury. The exact causes of e-cigarette explosions are unclear but evidence indicates that battery-related issues that will lead to an explosion. […]

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Brilliant Hacks To Enhance Vape Juice Flavors

Vape Juice Flavors

Vaping isn’t just about the amount of clouds you can puff. Many vapers aim for richer and fuller flavors to enjoy and make the most out of their bestselling e-liquid. So aside from cloud-chasing, flavor-chasing is also a big thing. Unleashing the full potential of your e-juice will be an excellent pair to your cloud-chasing hobby.

If you’re transitioning from cigarettes to e-cigs, the ability to enhance the flavor of the juice will motivate you to ditch your previous vice.

Here are some of the brilliant tricks to get that flavor exploding on your mouth and throat:

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